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The construction and real estate industries have always been hot markets. However, they have become increasingly congested, which makes standing out among the competition a tough challenge

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Real Estate Marketing

Create More Leads for Your Company
The WAX Creative offers comprehensive marketing and branding solutions, specializing in B2B and B2C lead generation. We provide services such as logo design, brand development, content creation, and ad campaigns across Google, social media, and professional platforms, underpinned by robust SEO and PPC strategies. By focusing on enhancing your online presence and conducting thorough competition analysis, we aim to elevate your brand and promote your business effectively.
Are You a Real Estate Industry Professional?
Our branding and marketing services for industy professionals focus on building a powerful personal brand that resonates with your audience. We provide comprehensive solutions including logo design, brand DNA crafting, content creation, ad campaigns across Google, social media, and professional platforms, SEO, PPC, and competition analysis. Our primary goal is to bolster your online presence and foster trust in your brand while strengthening B2C bonds, positioning you as a leader in your industry.
Put Your Projects in Front of More People
Our services for promoting and marketing industry projects focus on showcasing your products through high-quality representations, designed to enhance understanding and engagement. We create tailored content, landing pages, and graphic designs that encapsulate the essence of your project, aiming for the best possible representation. In addition, we invest heavily in finding the audience interested in your product, using targeted campaigns to reach the most suitable demographic within your industry.

Our Marketing Solution to Ensure a Higher Conversion Rate

Taking the elements of your business or personal brand and elevating them

Use of a blend of creative and analytical elements optimizing your campaign's efficiency

Enhancing your audience engagement focusing on potential buyers or partners

Strategic marketing campaigns that will create business growth in the long term

Building brand trust through our passion for the industry by the use of original, targeted content

Case Studies

See how the WAX Creative has worked with different companies in the construction and real estate market to create a marketing and branding strategy that drives customer engagement and lead generation promoting company growth. Through cohesive collaboration, we are able to bring our client’s ideas from concepts to real world implementation.

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