ARCH Design Studio Architecture & Design

Client Overview

ARCH is a comprehensive architectural firm offering a wide range of residential, commercial, and landscape design solutions. Their ready-to-build designs and blueprints consider everything from financial plans to zoning regulations, ensuring a smooth and worry-free construction phase for their clients.

Potential Challenges

The client approached the WAX in 2023 with the goal of creating a well made brand for their architecture and design firm that can be marketed to various industries within the design-build world. With only a company name and concept in mind, they employed us to build a complete marketing and branding solution for their new company.

The client was in need of a robust branding strategy that would cement their position in the competitive design-build industry. WAX was tasked not only with creating a compelling brand identity but also devising a comprehensive marketing plan to effectively reach potential clients across various sectors within the design-build world.

The Solution

Holistic Branding & Marketing Solutions

Featured Services

Story Development
Brand DNA
Logo & Graphic Design
Presentations & Demo
Website Development
Social Media Portfolios
SEO Optimization & Development
Google Search Campaigns
Industry Specific Marketing Platforms

Our Solution

Leveraging the latest trends in architecture and design firm marketing, we crafted a comprehensive branding strategy that highlighted their unique strengths and positioned them as a thought leader in the design-build industry. Our solution included a blend of creative and analytical elements, organic audience optimization, and strategic long-term growth campaigns, all underpinned by original content to build trust and authenticity.

Yielded Results

The WAX Creative played a pivotal role in guiding ARCH Design Studio through the process of developing a cohesive and compelling brand identity that accurately represented their vision and values. Through meticulous collaboration, The WAX Creative helped ARCH Design Studio establish a distinctive visual language, captivating logo, and an overall brand presence that resonates with their target audience, setting them apart as a trusted and innovative design firm.

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