Any Successful Company Has a Strong Brand DNA

Whether it’s a company history or the roots of a company’s ideology, stories are what makes your company unique. That’s why the first step to creating a successful company is creating a strong brand DNA using your company’s story, showcasing it through the optimal platforms and channels

From a Story to a Legend...

Your company’s brand DNA is the heart and soul of your brand. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors and tells potential customers who you are, what you stand for. But in today’s cluttered marketplace, simply having a story isn’t enough. You need to create a legend – a tale that is so compelling, so inspiring, and so believable that it captivates hearts and minds for generations to come

Story Development

Company Ideology
Origin Story Creation
Audience Development

Company Identity

Brand DNA Brand Strategy Development Brand Design Language Logo Design Retail & Headquarters Design

Branding Materials

Product Design Custom Sales Materials Graphic Design Presentations & Demos Company Merchandise

Create a Brand that Leaves a
Lasting Impact on your Audience

Target Audience Research

Find what makes your client base tingle. By understanding what your audience craves, we can create a personable brand for them to engage with

Brand DNA Development

Create brand trust by having a strong brand DNA that spans all available platforms. The more cohesive your brand looks, the more people trust in it and are willing to connect with your products or services

Holistic Branding

With a well thought out story, branding becomes a seamless process. Taking aspects from your company's ideology, we are able to create stunning content and material for you to market to the masses.

Our Branding Solution to Ensure a Higher Conversion Rate

Passion makes things pretty: no makeup, no cover-up. Only original content.

Taking the facts of a story and elevating them

A seamless blend of creative and analytical showcasing your story

Optimizing your audience through organic reach

Strategic marketing campaigns that will bring growth in the long term

Case Studies

See how the WAX Creative has worked with other companies to create an all in one holistic branding strategy. Through cohesive communication, we are able to bring our client’s ideas from the drawing board into the real world.

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