DYM Builders Group Construction & Design

Client Overview

DYM is a family-owned business with years of experience in several areas of design & build. Their founders knew they wanted to bring clients a new kind of design & build experience, different from anything they’d seen before.

Potential Challenges

The client approached The WAX Creative in 2021 with a vision to refresh and gain a larger following organically. The fields of design & build can be densely populated and it can be difficult to stand out in the vast sea of competition.

The client was also looking to increase the amount of lead traffic that they were receiving to their website. Given DYM Builder’s client demographic, we decided to move forward with a targeted Google Ad campaign. Creating a unique experience from the initial click up to lead form submission was key.

The Solution

Marketing & Campaigns

Featured Services

Google Platforms
Social Media Optimization
Lead Generation
Web Development
Content Creation

Our Solution

The WAX Creative approached the client with an all encompassing marketing solution. Through creating an informational and engaging website filled with high quality content, and increasing traffic with the use of an optimized targeted Google Ad campaign, we were able to increase web traffic. A well put together social media profile assisted in building brand trust, thus creating more submitted leads from digital marketing sources such as Google, Facebook and Instagram.


Yielded Results

The targeted Google Ad campaign performed exponentially after publication. The use of an engaging website and constant campaign optimization along with building brand trust through social media platforms, we were able to increase DYM Builder’s lead traffic exponentially.

  • 70% increase in web traffic.
  • 200% increase in lead requests.

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