Myoalign Health & Wellness

Client Overview

MyoAlign is a new whole-body approach to manual therapy combining a variety of different modalities, all focused on addressing the core issue. With this knowledge they are able to achieve true long lasting change in a short period of time. 

Potential Challenges

The client approached The WAX Creative in late 2020 with the prospect of building an online course website to promote their specialized manual therapy technique. The client had created a curriculum and was in the need of both producing the course and developing a standalone platform to promote it on. The client wanted to build the online course using the following guidelines:

  • An aesthetically pleasing video production of the entire course.
  • Professional editing and splicing of the original video content with the addition of background music.
  • An easy to navigate platform to publish the course on.
  • An easy to use website that will be mobile friendly and be able to accept payments directly on the site.

The Solution

Holistic Branding

Featured Services

Video Production

Video Editing

Graphic Design

Website Design

Online Course Development

Website Implementation

Our Solution

The WAX Creative approached the client with an end to end solution for production and publication of the online course. The team at The WAX Creative went through the video production and editing phase with the client and then proceeded to build the online course using the Learn Dash LMS platform. Upon completion and approval, our team built a minimalistic modern site that complements the online course platform.

Yielded Results

The online course received positive feedback from both the client and prospective markets. As the product is currently in the PR and Marketing phase, we can not provide exact numbers on performance.

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